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West of Reality

personal icon journal of evitaporter

Evita Icons
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Private Graphics Journal of Evita
Comments are appriciated. Thats the only kind of validation most graphics makers get.
If you decide to take a graphic please take a moment to either credit <lj user=evitaporter> or <lj user=evita_icons>

No Hotlinking please! Download to your own server! LJ has a scrapbook feature also www.photobucket.com is a fabulous and easy website!
Who are you?
I am Evita, 23 year old nurse with too much time on her hands when not at work.

What are your favorite fandoms?
Harry Potter, Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Stargate Atlantis and various other shows/movies

What are your least favorite fandoms?
You'll never find a Twilight icon in the journal unless it's to mock it. I won't Doctor Who or Supernatural either. Anime either. bleh!

How long have you been making graphics?
Well I took 2 years off from 06-08 from the internet so you can't count that. So, about a year actively making graphics.

Who are your favorite graphic artists?
grrliz is probably my number one! Her work is amazing :D

You make alot of textless icons, are they bases or can they not be changed?
I hate text with a passion usually. I'm not very good at it so I usually try to avoid text if at all possible. Just make a comment if you want to add text to it. I won't mind usually.

under construction
Are Open! Comment on this post and I will respond usually within the day to follow up.
Please comment (____) if you would like to be a <lj user="evita_icons"> affliate